Namaste and Welcome to Momos at the Market. A reviewer claims we're the "Best lunch in the city"!
Please have a look at all the incredible food we have to offer and visit often to see new items, weekly features as well as events happening at the Western Fair’s Farmers & Artisans Market in London, Ontario.

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Yam & Samantha

Nepalese Momos(8 pcs.) $6.26 Nepalese Momos
Nepalese Dumplings filled with chicken, pork or veggie mix, served with Yam’s tomato, coriander and garlic sauce
What is a momo? Momos (pronounced mo-mos) are meat or vegetable filled dumplings originally from Nepal and Tibet. Ours are completely hand made starting with local flour based casing. Momos are typically steamed but they can be pan fried as well. Momos at the Market chef and owner Yam Gurung has been steaming momos in London and in Nepal for over 15 years. Try them, we know you will love them. Kids do too!!
Chicken Curry $7.75 Chicken Curry
Rice, Chicken Curry made with cumin, tumeric, garlic, ginger, chili

Vegetarian Curry $7.75 Vegetarian Curry
Rice, many veggies, beans or things and another incredible sauce

Yam’s Noodles with Chicken $7.75 Noodles with Chicken
Rice noodles with sauted chicken, fresh green onions, peppers and a sauce - of course

Fresh juices $3.50 /$5.00

prices include hst


Enjoy & Namaste